Concrete Acid, what can it do for you?

Concrete acid is fast becoming the most popular treatment for concrete slabs. Often referred to as stained concrete, homeowners and builders alike are agreed that using acid stain to update your floors is the preferred method to stain floors because of the limitless results that can be achieved by mixing colors with application techniques. The results are limited only by the creativity of those involved in the stained concrete process.

Concrete stain acid is a product that penetrates concrete surfaces to produce color tones on concrete surfaces. Stains react with the concrete's minerals and produce uneven, mottled, and variegated color effects.

Concrete stains can be used for both interior and exterior applications. From concrete floor stain to concrete patio stain they are often used on fresh concrete or concrete that has already been colored.

There are many ways to apply concrete acid stains, with each method providing a different final appearance.

Here are some tips for acid stained concrete floors :

• Your final results will be more vivid if you stain right after the concrete is poured. Some suggest that concrete acid stain diluted with water and applied right away can have the same effect as a full stain applied at a later date.

• Water is the catalyst to the acid. To achieve a consistent color, make sure the moisture content of the concrete is roughly the same across all slabs. If you acid stained your concrete floors one week after it was poured, acid stain all your concrete floors in the same area a week after it was poured.

• Additional water can be used to create different concentrations of stain color. Wetting the concrete before stain is applied is one way to do this. Following the application with water from a spray bottle is another way.

• One of the most common ways of applying stain is with a paintbrush. This method does work, however it does leave brush marks. This is not usually a wanted attribute.

• Be careful. Acid staining concrete although not very difficult can get pretty messy. Applying them is one thing, removing them is another. Be sure to have appropriate areas covered off.